Asset managers are always looking for a dynamic functional coverage based on technological innovations. They need to quickly react to market demands and develop new products to meet their customer’s requirements.
They need to manage their investment portfolios and explain performance. They must be in a continued innovating process to manage downward pressure on margins and commissions.
Asset and funds managers, risk managers, middle and back office teams need a front-to-back system covering the entire functional chain and able to manage all asset classes. It also should be open, scalable, secured, user friendly and provide integrated services and flexible tools.

UnitMaster™ meets all these requirements:

  • Multiple funds
  • Multiple accounts for clients
  • Multiple payment/receipt instructions
  • Income distribution
  • Real-time transaction processing and automated multiple transaction batch processing
  • Caters for various transaction, admin and service charges
  • Multi-NAV calculation

For more details, see "Solutions: Functional Modules"